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Impossible to imagine ?

Art work Garth Laidlaw.

Imagination is the wildest and least expensive resource we ever have, it can be painted, shaped, and sculpted, crafted, or built, and dreamt of by anyone. It engages the hardest of hearts and the most distracted of learners. It can be found inside computers or pencil cases, books and people, nature, and space.

I invite you to be still with me as we gently study the way home to our imagination.

Pause, truly pause. Pause to feel your very breath seamlessly moving in and out; hear the sounds of the day. A ticking clock, the gentle whirr of life turning and a blackbird calling. Allow your soul to rise above the endless lists of what must be done and pause for just a few seconds.

With each tick a new day unfolds. Every tock brings infinite hope and possibility.

The stillness of the new day calls to us like a whisper of snow falling, calling to our souls, and reminding us of our imaginative roots expanding from the universe itself. The tick tocking rhythm teaching us that we are aligned to time, and to possibilities of joy in the whole of life. Imagination is the very heart of our being. We are part of the universal intelligence of all life.

"Somewhere in the innermost recesses of our consciousness lie the answers to the questions all mankind seeks." Sydney Banks, The Missing Link.

Here we are, in life as it is today. A head full of thoughts taking up every available particle of bandwidth in our head space and a to do list longer than the Great Wall of China. Perhaps we are so lost in the content of our thinking that we lose touch with our imagination.

And there is the gift, losing touch just means not being aware of this treasure. The ease it brings when we momentarily gaze through a window and catch a child playing, or a robin hopping branch to branch narrowly avoiding the cat next door. We might hear laughter, traffic, ordinary sounds creating tiny welcome fissures in our anxiety. In one moment our imagination arrives and we can transport ourselves far away from our to do list

Wellbeing is . . .

pausing in the moment to reconnect our imagination at last. It is always present, whispering out its wisdom, inviting us to see life magically.

Calling us to think differently and playfully tackle the list of endless tasks, to play curiously in the same wonder we once had every day as a child.

Imagination is the heartbeat of all learning, the study of genius and as Einstein says.

” Imagination is more important than knowledge, knowledge is limited.”

Imagination is unlimited potential.

Unbound and unlimited by labels of can’t or won’t, or of pronouns, you me us them; imagination flies freely, let yours fly freely in this moment.

With your imagination, you began to dream this day into being. a new day where whole worlds without edges are created, Rooms without walls or ceilings can be imagined. The expansive limitless blue sky can be explored, countries visited without even leaving your chair. Imagine that! If we would only pause and become aware of the depths of this gift of imagination.

How different the day could be?

without . . .

stumbling and falling into proverbial mental rabbit holes, floundering in the longer to do lists of this life and the memories of roadblocks, of frustrated thoughts and car crash scenarios of epic resistance. I smile because I know those well.

Mostly I know how roadblocks and resistance are caused, and I smile, forgiving myself for being caught up in thought, instead of letting it flow by or imagining and playing with this experience of life, today. Now. No longer living in regret or tightly holding onto the limits of my own thinking, flying freely in wonder.

Wonder is far preferable to worry, because that is where we all discover awareness and the answer to ease and joy.

And as in this life we can blissfully play.

Being all we could BE and more.

This is our essence.

This is our gift.

To Be.

Experiencing who we are.

Being all we truly already exist as.

Anni Silverdale Poole

Anni is an experienced former school principal, she is a globally trained transformative coach for leadership and wellbeing across schools and education.

Anni Silverdale Poole


Simply Being ME (Whole school and individual children's wellbeing)

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