Rediscover the sacredness of  YOU


The Sacred River of Life

Transformative Coaching 

Whatever appears in your life has brought you here for good reason. Together we can begin to redesign your blueprint and really discover your self worth, personally and professionally. Contact me for a complimentary conversation today.


Vision Quest

These are truly beautiful retreat experiences both online and in person where you will learn how to heal and retell any part your story. Together we will explore your journey and we  will seek out harmony, clear out the chaff, hear the Divine feminine calling to you and learn how the strength of the masculine this will allow creativity and clear mountain stream like purpose to show up in your life. You will be strong in voice, visible in person and be able to remain aligned with your life's mission.


Seeking More? 121 intensives

Occasionally in this sacred river of life  we need urgent or longer term support 

Sacred Life Coaching offers programmes to enhance both your personal AND your professional life.

Programmes range from a few weeks to  3 - 12 months. They are totally designed with your needs in mind  and are bespoke to you.


Sacred Specialism

Ask and I will provide! If there is anything I can support your growth and development journey with, please contact me I have decades of experience in leading conferences and retreats for organisations and groups.

I also offer an incredibly beautiful small group retreat  -  An Exploration of Sacred Woman, held  in the English Lake District 

For the busy carer or parent, home or corporate worker, or for the over-caring person I invite you to our annual conference in Manchester, UK with stunning key note speakers.


Life Coaching

Although this site points toward the sacred feminine, I have decades of experience in coaching both  men and women,

families and children. Contact me for support


I also help those children and families facing terminal illness

My experience as a headteacher, counsellor and coach has enabled me to create rites of passage both in school and in my coaching practice. It would be an honour to support you and your child, celebrating who they are and the richness of their time with you. Please drop me an email for a chat