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Rediscover the sacredness of  YOU


 Be All Kinds of Amazing in Your Life
Transformative Coaching 

Transformative coaching is a way of learning how our mind states operate day to day allowing you to manage stress and worry with simplicity .

Ask yourself why your life has brought you here? I believe you are here to experience how amazing you truly are beyond life's challenges!

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, stuck, worried about the future?

Perhaps you feel totally unsure, lost or traumatised ?

 Sometimes it appears as though our mind states support us and sometimes they  sabotage our happiness. I guess you already know this and luckily for you, we can change this understanding through one to one coaching sessions.

Coaching teaches you how to transform or change worries with enough wisdom to be able redesign your life's personal blueprint creatively - beyond your wildest hopes.

Rediscover your self worth, gaining time and space for you and also rediscover your creative thinking, bringing joy and confidence daily, forever. 


Join me for a complimentary discovery conversation today to see how you can be supported.

(Booking tab top right)

I guarantee you will feel greater hope, ease and learn about your inner ability to see your next amazing step.



Vision Quest

Looking for a clearer next step in life? Come and spend the day exploring life deeply, this quest is a blend of understanding both our life and our spiritual purpose.

It leads to riches in life through deeper levels of knowing ourselves.

Bridge that life gap with our truly beautiful coaching experiences both online and in person .

Learning how to heal any tears in your story. Explore your journey, route out limitation, seek out pure harmony! AND learn some beautiful sacred ways of being.

Move from the tightness of stress to the expansiveness of possibility of who you actually ARE!

 Add that life sparkle like a clear mountain stream sourcing your own life.

BE strong in voice.  BE visible in person. BE aligned with your life's purpose.

Book an exploratory session today in the tab top right.


Seeking More? 1-2-1 intensives

Occasionally in the current chaos of life we need urgent or longer term support 

Being all Kinds of Amazing Life Coaching offers programmes to enhance both your personal AND your professional life.

Programmes range from a few weeks to  3 - 12 months. They are totally designed with your needs in mind  and are bespoke to you.

Explore a conversation to point you to a clearer life FULL of YOUR OWN POSSIBILITIES!

Book an exploratory session today in the tab top right.


Coaching Specialism

 I will support your growth and development journey in so many ways. I have decades of experience in leading conferences and retreats for organisations and groups. I work with closely with leaders and teams 

Ask and I will provide a bespoke programme! 

I also offer an incredibly beautiful small group retreat  -  An Exploration of Sacred Human, held  in the English Lake District 

For the busy carer or parent, home or corporate worker, or for the over-caring person I invite you to contact me and 

Join our our annual conference in North West  UK with stunning key note speakers.

INTERESTED to know more? Book an exploratory conversation today in the tab top right.


Life Coaching

I have decades of experience in coaching both  men and women,

families and children. Contact me for support


I also help those children and families facing terminal illness

My experience as a headteacher, counsellor and coach has enabled me to create rites of passage both in school and in my coaching practice. It would be an honour to support you and your child, celebrating who they are and the richness of their time with you. Please drop me an email for a chat

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