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Welcoming Events Live and Online

Some comments from our Communities

Courses and Conferences

" Yep, my life really was going around in circles! Thanks for the course and now I am off to read your book!" Online participant

"For me it was an amazing, soul-refreshing weekend.

I have missed being physically in this conversation so much.” Conference delegate


“The venue was perfect, and the sunny weather reflected the mood of the whole experience. I enjoyed connecting with a new group of friends.” Conference delegate


"I just feel so much lighter!" Grandma, Sacred Feminine Online Group.


“Profound. Warm. Enlightening.”Conference delegate


School Leaders, workforce and families

“This coaching is life changing, I used to be so anxious and now I understand myself so much better!"Principal, Greater Manchester School

" I really did wonder how I would find an end to all this stress, it's just SO simple Anni. Now I can help my son!" School admin officer

"You mean I get to make it all up? All of it? " Year 4 child, aged 8

" Thank you for being here Anni, I did not know how we would get through the summer  with such a loss in our family." Parent  of grieving family

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Learning How to Own Your Best Life EVER!

ONLINE course (on sale in the shop)


This is a gentle introduction into Life Coaching in small groups where you can choose to observe and learn at your own pace.

You learn how to erase flawed thinking, manage emotions and really get to grips with irksome worries.

If you wish tyo know even more

you can choose to book a live online class to join in with as you wish.

Book a complimentary discovery appointment to find out more!

My REAL fire 2.png

The Heart of Lancashire!
An invitation to RECLAIM your natural rhythm and learn about healing and clearing everyday. Creating a bond with your inner self through an exploration and a greater understanding of how you operate in this life.

Coming Soon
10:30am - 4:30pm


Have you ever wondered how to find deep inner peace every day? You can! Explore the knowledge from Mystics, from Great Spirit of Christianity and  of
the Celtic Shaman and the Inca Shaman of the Andes, have learned how to live in Ayni (harmony) with the Earth and themselves. I trained with Alberto Villoldo 18 years ago, and I blend my knowledge as a leader and coach with the beauty of this spiritual energy healing. Christianity offers Christ Consciousness,
Inca shaman use the great Munay Ki Archetypes to heal at the energetic level– where our trauma and wounds are stored in our light bodies (aura).
Would you like to know more? Come and explore how to let go of stress and  reignite your inner spark, through the spiritual fire of life,  transmuting any heaviness 

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Simply Being You Image Penny Hardy Blown way
Is your life going round in circles? Are you
tired, worried, anxious, overwhelmed
, grieving? Or maybe even plain stuck?

Understanding how we can change this is through Sacred Psychology - an every day of your life way of being.
I have searched and wondered how to make my life simpler, feeling as though I could never catch up with myself.
Until I learned about a very simple understanding. This understanding taught me about the space within every one of us that has perfect peace and greater abilities.
Way beyond life's drudgery and worries lies this  very small secret? It's simple to see and life altering when you do.
Coaching guides you to 
see this inner space and to tap into it immediately, taking you beyond the feelings of stress and distress, to make life so much more peaceful!

Book a complimentary discovery appointment to find out more!
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