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"To the mind that is still,the whole universe surrenders." Lao Tzu

I invite you to experience the deep stillness of connection, a space of answers, of discovery. A space of understanding the purpose of who you really are in every human experience.

 How would you describe your life in this moment?

I like to see my life as a mystical river. When I am the river and in full flow, I am creative and clear about my purpose and journey.

 Although, when life has been a struggle, it felt heavy and stuck until I began to understood the space beyond everyday  worry and anxious thoughts. 

You see, I have been in this space too, experiencing stress and worry. I just felt so caught up until I discovered coaching.

With each new obstacle, I could not see beyond being stuck; sometimes there were huge joys, like the birth of my grandson or unimaginable losses like the death of my son and how that felt so utterly raw and impossible. Yet here I amlearning to be the best I can in every day.

Let me teach you to be :

One magnificent human feeling clearer, less worried in complete harmony with life. Oh yes let's do this!


The Nature of Coaching

Experience  this coaching today, and you will feel fresh and expansive like the view from the highest mountain across the world. As nourishing as the first drink of clear water, as clear as the heartbeat of a dragon fly and as robust as the mighty oak . A Coaching Conversation feels like the soaring sky pattern of a great eagle gliding on the wind, precise and completely in tune with who you truly are.

Your life can be profoundly peaceful, with a feeling depth of such ease and it can be as clear as a summer sky.

Coaching brings you to this very place,  of feeling every moment of each brand new day as if it were your first.

the dance 
Take me to the places on earth that teach me how to dance
the places where you can risk letting the world break your heart
And I will take you to the places
Where the eaeth beneath my feet
and the stars overhead
make my heart whole
and again

Oriah Mountain Dreamer

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