"To the mind that is still,the whole universe surrenders." Lao Tzu

I invite you to experience the deep stillness of connection, a space of answers, of discovery. A space of seeing purpose and of who you really are

 How would you describe your life in this moment?

I like to see my life as a mystical river. When I am the river and in full flow I am creative and clear about my purpose and journey.

Sometimes when Life has been a struggle, the river of life has carried me, as if I were her child.

My river journey began in the English Lake District, drinking from sparkling streams, inheriting a deep love of nature and the Pachamama, Mother Earth. This passion for life drew me toward science and teaching; I became a leader, a principal in four schools, learning how to guide and share. How my life flowed.

And often I saw obstruction and felt caught up, and caused the river to bend or hit a rock be able to flow . . . here I experienced pain and growth, expanding  life's knowledge within every cell of my human body..

With each bend in my river I struggled to see beyond being stuck; sometimes there were huge joys, like the birth of my grandson or unimaginable losses that felt so utterly raw and impossible. 

Many of us do this in a world where tougher more detached  ways are valued - we bury ourselves beneath the constant heavy burden of  worrying about something, or overcaring and nurturing everyone except ourselves.

Is this you?

Or. . . 

Perhaps you feel disheartened? Overwhelmed? Lost in the daily grind. You sense there is more.

Maybe you feel as if you are becoming invisible. Placing everyone else and their needs before your own.

I am combining decades of leadership, healing and coaching skills to provide a unique coaching offer either one to one , or to begin to belong to a community where you will be nurtured and held until you regain your purpose and can truly see who you are.

One magnificent human in harmony with the masculine and the feminine sides of your nature. Oh yes!


The Nature of Coaching

Experiencing  this coaching is like the view from the highest mountain across forests lakes and canyons; it is the heartbeat of a dragon fly and the call of the lapwing. It will feel like the soaring sky pattern of a condor, as you become one gliding on the wind, in tune with who you are.

The Divine Intelligence and order in nature is also in our own DNA. In our current lives we tend to value intellect more than the emotional spiritual nature of our being. We need both the masculine purpose and organisation and the feminine empathy, vulnerability and intuitive energies present, in order to balance in harmony.

There is a new cycle of life emerging, turning the focus toward a more caring collective consciousness. The power of the industrial past with it's egotistical philosophy of creating a 'profit at any cost' , is beginning to fade away.

the dance 
Take me to the places on earth that teach me how to dance
the places where you can risk letting the world break your heart
And I will take you to the places
Where the eaeth beneath my feet
and the stars overhead
make my heart whole
and again

Oriah Mountain Dreamer