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Spiritual Coaching

We spend half our lives pursuing things (relationships, jobs and career, house, money, car etc.,) and the other half pursuing peace. Peace is that light space of freedom before or beyond our overwhelming busy minds. Let me point you toward the peace you already have within you. Peace that is available NOW.


I want every person to have HOPE. I have been researching into mental health and spirituality, in families,  in children and in people, communities and leaders my whole life to see how.. I bring this lifelong experience into my coaching and training and since my son Anthony died it is my mission to increase an understanding of suicide and grief.

How to manage the grief and aftermath.

How to help yourself in grief.

How to help the family and friends beyond the suicide.

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I see a humanitarian world where every human heart matters and all tears are shed and received compassionately.

There is a greater intelligent Spirit beautifully guiding this life, walk with me and I will show you how . Humanity without walls.

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