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Wintering Your Light

A simple candlelight ceremony to calm busy hearts and remember your wholeness

This is the day before Winter Solstice, and the traditional celebration of Mother Night. Consider your shadow pieces, your worries and your losses and allow yourself a moment to simply be.

Be in the NOW

Be who you are without the busy times, the tiredness, or worries, the sadness or the heartache.

This is a time to pause and sit in stillness by candlelight honouring the presence of LOVE, the I AM creation within this beating heart.

A time of Ayni (harmony) swaddling all that we think deeply into the pause, to let go of those thoughts and to rest in the twilight of this now presence. Light some candles on your window ledge and in your hearth and as the long darkening shadow now arcs back toward the light, step forward toward your candles with one hand on your heart and the other out toward the light.

Call on your ancestors, your children and the Great Divine Presence and feel the beauty of the pure love around you and around your heart. It tingles like the bubbles of a gentle wave on pure sand or the fizz of sherbet on your tongue. Gently call out this Mother Prayer 

Welcome brave heart,  

Your dark mystery calls forth the light 

Luminous, shining bright  

Show me from your one tiny flame 

How to see I AM the one true being of pure love 

Transformative coach, grief coach specialising in parental loss

 “Solstice,” from the Latin “solstitium,” from sol, which means “Sun” and –stitium, which is “a stoppage.” 


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