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Living YOUR  Amazing Life

Simply Being 


There is a roar in the depth of every human, calling out to be truly heard.

It is often heard through the voice of vulnerability, worry or mistrust and sometimes grief and sadness. We search for answers to our life's struggles when the answers are already within us.

This coaching teaches you to simply remember who you truly are.

Perfect, stress free with an understanding of how to feel the ease and peace of your life.

Coaching honours the human struggle and points you toward this peace, freedom and a greater joy.



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Anni Silverdale Poole




About Anni

I love being a global coach, I am also an author and shaman, helping people to reconnect with their inner wholeness.  I can certainly support you on your life experience journey. My career background is in education and business leadership and leadership coaching. I am certified in mental health coaching, including supporting bereaved families , especially those who have experienced  a family member dying by suicide like myself.

Through decades of coaching in many areas of our complex human life, I am remembering a deep awareness that allows me to design bespoke trainings, and create distinct retreats with sacred shamanic practices from Celtic and Peruvian cultures. I blend my life skills of counselling, spiritual coaching and the  beauty of the Celtic, Inca shaman and sacred psychology to guide you HOME to peace and clarity.  


Let me point  you toward the INFINITE possibilities your life holds for you.

One thing I am sure of is that life's experiences can be challenging and can also be filled joyfully, allowing strength and ease. At times when the rubber really hits the road we often need specific help, I am here to bring that professional and spiritual guidance and a great deal of coaching expertise for over 3 decades.


Coaching assuredly brings you just the amount of help needed - sometimes it is a light touch to help you back on track and sometimes it is a complete navigation tool acquired over time, Whatever you currently need my coaching will guide and support you through.




Transformative Coaching brings such ease and clarity into your personal and or professional life.

I share an understanding of how life is  experienced, and how a simple awareness of your own self  allows you to slow down and enjoy life to the full!

Coaching for:

Overwhelming worry

Major life changes



Relationship breakdown



Work place stress

Untangling a problem

Finding your dream job



If you have reached a point in your life where you really are stuck or you seek something more - a greater  opportunity? Then a vision quest is perfect for you. This intuitive experience draws together your life journey and considers your purpose, discovering your star piece to allow you to fully show up.

The result beyond your time spent here will astound you!

Personal Vision Quest


Business Vision Quest


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Coaching can be like tuning into a magnificent musical concert, or  turning on the light in a darkened room.

Having an experienced coach to deeply listen and to guide your conversation allows infinite possibile ways of being. And they unfold immediately right  before your very eyes!

Your first session of 30-45  minutes is complimentary.

Articles about Sacred Psychology
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