Living YOUR  Amazing Life

Simply Being 


There is a roar in the depth of every human, calling to be heard

It is heard through the voices of vulnerability and unconditional love. It calls out to us to Simply Be who we truly are.

We are already perfect

when we understand who we truly are.

Coaching honours the human struggle and recreates the joys




Anni Silverdale Poole

As a global coach, leader, author and shaman I help people to reconnect with their inner wholeness,  I can also support you

 Sometimes we need a little help - that's my role!

We are all on an journey in life and when the rubber hits the road we often need help, I am here to do just that. 

I have decades of speaking and working internationally. I facilitate, train, offer retreats and love meeting people of different cultures.I blend my life skillsof counselling, spiritual coaching and the  beauty of the Inca shaman and sacred psychology to guide you HOME.  Let me  show you the INFINITE possibilities your life holds for you.




Transformative Coaching brings such ease and clarity into your life.

It brings an understanding of how we experience life and allows you to slow down and enjoy it to the full!



If you have reached a point in your life where you really are stuck or you seek something more - a greater  opportunity? Then a vision quest is perfect for you. This delicious experience draws together your life journey and considers your purpose, discovering your star piece to allow you to fully show up.

The result beyond your time spent here will astound you!


Coaching 121

Coaching can be like tuning into a magnificent musical concert, or  turning on the light in a darkened room.

Having an experienced coach to deeply listen and to guide your conversation allows infinite possibile ways of being. And they unfold immediately right  before your very eyes!

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