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I invite you to step into a space of wholeness and true peace FOR A WHOLE DAY.

A space to still the worries and smooth down the wrinkles of life.


Gift yourself the beautiful EXPERIENCE,  a COMPLETE  DAY of  world class coaching, an  intensive to explore your life deeply with your own life coach, bring your one special life totally back on track!

This is also possible for a group or team to work together.

The day begins with a slow to stillness guided meditation allowing the ordinary to fall away and your creative mind to step forward. This will be followed by a 60 minute professional transformative coaching session.

This next section includes a space for your journal work, with guided prompts and questions to support you.


The third section offers a shamanic drumming session and this takes you on a journey to discover your one sacred piece central to your transformation.


The final part of the day is the last coaching session weaving the four parts together to create your  wellbeing vision for life.

You now have inspiring beliefs, a complete change of habits,  and a clear route forward to a lighter heart.

You can also upgrade this product to include a 2- 3 day intensive on request.

Simply Being Well Every Day

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  • Spend a day devoted to your own wellbeing to begin to create simple habits to ensure your  wellness is always first:

    - learn how we humans function via our thoughts feelings and behaviours

    -discover the inner space of wellness before the thought feeling system

    - learn about who you are in relationship to family, friends, colleagues, work and home life.

    This is a foundation for life course creating your  pure self- focus, redesigning your inner wellness landscape that never goes away. Discover ease and peace in that wellness and how this offers your life so much more daily joy.

    Learn how  to begin to rebuild relationships,  with your self  initially in this first course. 

    Parrt two of this course will then focus on a specific area to problem solve at home at work or your career. Wherever you choose to focus, this life coaching  will create an amazing difference.

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