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When the world whispers out to you

How do you measure the depth of the human longing that grief draws in?

You can't, just as you cannot measure sorrow or how many lifetimes you might grieve.


It exists in my head and also in my past memories, as often as I walk the memory path.

Perhaps you too have a longing tucked into your coat pocket, brought into your heart's light each day.

There will be light in your dark one day.

When the world is dark no longer.


The heavily laden dark

Saturated with whispers.

Tumbling through the atmosphere


Looking for a place to land

Their arrow shaped piercings

Disguised as bird song yet.

Quietly hiss through the laden air



Their tails bring in the dawning light.


A strike to the light

The shadow piercing begins.

The soft thud of each arrow’s arrival

Thud strike light

And the shadowlands crackle and spit

With the early morning dawning

Of warrior three gliding on cloud



Their arrows calling in the dawning love.

And again I whisper

Step into this light of longing, my bright heart.

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