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What do you know of LOVE?

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Can you remember that first ever sense of pure love? Mine was aged 10 for a boy in my class, Robert Tate. It was that feeling of utter spaciousness, toe curling sudden experience of nothing else but ten year old Robert existed. It was short lived because he stood me up outside the Saturday Matinee.

Love is sold to us in movies, bookstores, online and it looks romantic, beautiful and mostly out of reach or long lasting. I am talking about the self created expectations of romance here, not of unconditional sacredly whole love

Have you ever loved a baby? Ever loved a pet or have a pet love you? Have you ever loved unconditionally, particularly yourself?

Unconditional love allows choice, freedom of mind and infinite possibilities to be, rather than to do something to make us feel better. I remember someone sharing with me that their partner no longer made them happy. I asked them to describe this some more. As they told me how this person was sad and always at work, never there to make a nice meal, never there to talk to anymore, the never list grew and grew. Until my client paused and burst out laughing saying that he belonged in Never Land.


What is happening when we judge or blame someone else?

Happiness is a state of mind it is not something tangible, or human, or other. We may feel it is external, caused by another, but the cause is in ourself.

The only variable between happiness and unhappiness is in our thinking. Happiness does not depend on anything nor anyone and neither does love. We are love when we don't get in our own thinking way!

Would you like to know more?

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