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Understanding Life in 2020

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

So many changes are occurring across the world and in our own lives, what did they bring? Will the changes be long lasting? For the better? What is your understanding of our current world?

The beauty of being a coach means that you get to listen to a hugely unique bunch of humans, each with a different connection to this point in our time in the covid19 pandemic history.

Different perspectives are the soul food of coaching, allowing both the client and the coach to see with an intuitive inner sense. We ordinary folk don't always listen to that inner guidance, and with the collective global consciousness pointing toward fear, of death and of the unknown virus, everyone adopts their own way of managing the fears.

Does a pandemic have a voice and if so, what might it tell you?

Would you hear the voice of a murderous monster or the cry of a lost child? Our perspective on life evolves throughout childhood, from the belief systems our parents or carers passed on to us. How they dealt with their emotion was how they taught you. Were you taught the value of listening to another viewpoint, to gather further information and in so doing you created an informed choice? OR. . . did you learn that fear was stupid nonsense and to get on with it, no matter how scared it all is in life?

Most of my clients so far this year, fell into these two fear spaces and a variety of calibrations in between. In response to fear, we can see it as thought driven (our own thinking) and let it pass; we can react to it; we can pretend it does not exist and ignore it, whilst still feeling fearful. When we numb down our scared feelings, they often show through behaviours- which of us has never been dared to do something we knew might not be OK and then wondered why we even considered it in the first place.

Mask wearing and social distancing is a prime example of people feeling uncomfortable and fearfully concerned (maybe even embarrassed). The need to do something beyond the normal way of life seems to have created a variety of human perspectives, dividing national opinion on how to follow the safety rules. If we aren't confident about what is going on in our lives, we might try to numb our insecurities through addiction to behaviours, to foods, perhaps to work, or to alcohol? And life can seem to be shambolic and chaotic. For many months we were guided to stay indoors and to leave the house only for exercise once per day and food once per week. Schools and offices, shops and restaurants were closed. Air traffic fell silent, as did trains and many cars and buses. Bird song seemed louder and natured basked in less pollution. How did this impact you?

Here is a further exploration.

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