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This Rising Joy!

Where in the world are we focused? We have the beauty of this gorgeous Earth - Pachamama with its vibrant colours, lush islands, expansive rocky continents, and a magnesium bright starlit roof. And then we have the human activity. Wars, broken politics, homelessness, poverty, and global disruption. Where is the joy? Where is the hope for humanity?

Photo courtesy of Pixabay. Yinet_87

I woke up asking myself this question and flew out of bed to explore, search and be downright curious about joy. What are the ingredients for joy?

Sitting at my moveable desk and watching the wind and rain whip around my plants I hear a crash. My hanging sweet tomato plant had taken a dive in the wind, and it was planted face and stem down on to my slate filled patio.

I had nurtured this tender plant. Moving it in and out of the day's sun filled heat, feeding it rich plant liquid and peat free compost, and feeling proud as flowers and fruit blossomed.

Nature needs only a few ingredients to grow. Sunlight, soil, water, and chlorphyll.

Four ingredients.That's it!

The wind was not part of those four essentials, I upended it to see nothing was broken. The plant took a dive and survived - without rearranging its circumstances. The wind subsided I had a choice. I moved the plant to lower ground. To be free of the wind.

Is there a metaphorical push in your life, how do you choose to manage it and essentially stay the same?

What might joy need?

What four ingredients in your life might bring you joy?

Maslow " Shelter, food, warmth, human connection."

Fiona " Red sports car, great job, my mates, designer boots."

Chan "Time, that dishwasher mending, a different job, fixing the hose for good."

Me " Right now, making the best choices possible for me in the moment, keeping my boundaries, listening to my intuition, being grateful for every new day."

Which of those choices are external choices and which are inner choices? I have been a Fiona and although my outer choices felt amazing, they were short lived.

When I feel stuck like Chan, I spend time being quiet and considering which of those four things are really important for my inner peace and joy, I can sort the time one and that might help me to find solutions for the mending jobs. A sense of less time is a state of mind - a personal choice often stemming from guilt/ fear (I am behind, I missed my deadline, I am overwhelmed, I am too tired and so on).

Time is a choice in the moment. Right now if I feel overwhelmed I can step out of that bind, find a slow time, breathe, take five with a song - a chat, just with movement.

The choice is stay stuck or move forward. That's where we begin to feel less burdened, more creative.

That rising joy is already in you, try it. Make your choices considerately, toward your inner peace and in the NOW, not for the future.

Support you now.

Choose a day of peace, with more joy and time. Make decisions in the NOW time as it occurs.

This is Joy Rising

“I am here !" she cries joyfully. Her bright presence colouring your grey.

You are here! Your soft footsteps padding on the bare earth next to me

As a gentle summer rain gracing my dry cracked heart

As the blistering sadness takes a break, I see you

Golden,  beautiful as this early sunrise flooding through my grey.

My rising joy.

In Munay

Anni x

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