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Springing back into wellbeing

Start the day with kind words for you. Self care is about being aware of who you are BEING in any given moment. The greatest amplifier of our wellbeing is in allowing ourselves to hear our inner wisdom, that sense of:

"knowing intuitively what to do and when to do it, giving without thought of return or fear of need, with great faith in the abundance of life.” Syd Banks

Photo by Sangeeta Rana

Inner Knowing or inner wisdom

"We are always guided by something greater than us," Syd Banks The Enlightened Gardener Revisited. This is an infinite universal intelligence and Syd continues to say

" The secrets to all happiness and all social problems lie deep within the recesses of our own inner knowledge, waiting to be uncovered."

This knowledge is not from the intellect, it is deeper, beyond words and more of a sense of something, an intuitive feeling that just is!

I can remember sharing this with a group of workers on an evening twilight after a whole winter season of work and worry. As I spoke to them, they looked tired, it occurred to me to turn the bright central lights off and just have lower lighting once they were settled. I asked them to notice one thing nearby. I watched there thinking become quieter and I told them a story of a child who was thrown out every night by his Mum's partner, he had angry hungry thinking. All he knew was poor behaviour lies and deceit. I was coaching him and as he began to see how his own thinking caused his hurt anger and his hurt anger behaviour, he shouted "I get it I get it!" with the most amazing smile on his face.

His angry self story fell away.

Often, we become stuck and even though our "I get it" intuition does not leave us, we may not notice it as clearly. Yet as the room of adult workers had slowed down their noisy, busy thinking, there were many nods and clear faces as awareness dawned.

Wellbeing is ours, we were born with it, born as baby sized unconditional love bundles. We have been given the beauty of this ease and peace inside.

We are the greatest advocate of our own wellbeing AND . . .

we are also the greatest diminisher of our own wellbeing ! We often hear our internal voice, our judgement voice. This thinking voice comes in many disguises, especially through tiredness (as in the staff training mentioned) and blame; or limitations such as "I can't do that because I am (scared? Lost? Angry? Frustrated? Too important?" If we listen to these thoughts, they seem to become louder and more powerful.

The what if crowd!

What if . . . there's not enough money, time, love, hope, joy, exam results, food? What if I feel shame, embarrassed, sad, depressed, worried, shy, anxious? What if . . . what if . . .

The simpler you manage to keep your self-care wellbeing , the easier it becomes to look in the direction of feeling OK every day.

Often when we are worrisome and stressed, our physical bodies tell us through pain and illness. These are signposts to where we are focusing our thinking and becoming lost and stuck. We are more than a physical body, more than our psyche (mental state of mind). We are spiritual beings - this is the part of us that is unchangeable, unexplainable, and impersonal. This is a constant higher level of awareness that is completely neutral and unconditional - like our love for our children or favourite pet. That feeling of sheer love.

"Our problems are only problems when we constantly think of them." Dr Bill Pettit Psychiatrist, MD and Three Principles Teacher

What if we looked in the direction of non judgement, no blame, less fear more love? There would be less thinking space and less attention on our problems. We don't need techniques, just a space in our thinking and a growing awareness that we don't have to BE that thinking because we get it! We see that we deserve to let go of overthinking and find a non judgemental space for us first.

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Anni (Silverdale) Poole has authored a book about the Three Principles, containing many practical ideas for wellbeing. It is called Simply Being YOU

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