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Something greater than sleep?

Thank you to Veema for this beautiful art.

It’s a new day, with fresh thinking and renewed hope.

What if today you felt amazing . . . ? All day long. What would that amazing feeling be?

99.9% of the time we tap into the white noise in our heads, living our day through white noise stuff.

What if we tapped into the tiny part of 0.1% beyond the white noise toward truth?

External circumstances are not the cause of worry or lack of sleep.

Our white noise thinking is. That begins with one thought and one more, until we think it is lack of sleep causing our worry. Not so.

When I wake up in the early hours, I have an awareness of being awake.

Just an awareness, without thinking.

At this point I can choose to simply be with that awareness, and stay with that feeling of ok, or I can choose to be with that awareness and get up.

There is very little difference.

However . . . I could begin to have a thought.

“Oh not again? Awake AGAIN!”

Or . . .

“ Oh no! I have only been asleep for 3 hours, what am I going to do?”

So the white noise of concern and worry begins to build. Now I am focusing here - on the worry thinking.

When I wake in the early hours, as I often do, I just sense that being awake. It feels calm and very neutral, when thoughts of the day begin to build, I don’t listen. I remain in my awareness fully knowing that my own wisdom will guide me back to sleep, or toward the kettle for tea. This morning I stayed awake a while and then found I had drifted back to sleep.

I am not denying that the lack of sleep circumstance exists, it is in understanding the principles of life around those circumstances that allows us to be aware.

The understanding that there is an intelligence that runs through all Life, it is there to guide us wisely. This wisdom is always available. We have glimpses of this space, through love, unconditional love. The love we might feel for a child, a family pet, our ageing parent, a good friend. Love in the moment, without any thinking.

Love is our true nature, our inner guidance, our space of awareness and calm. Our inner wisdom. This is 100% present to us day AND night.

When you hear your inner wisdom, beyond all your noisy thinking, your day, or night, will be so much calmer. And you truly will feel alive! Look for the feeling of love, focus on that today.



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