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Simply Being

Updated: Feb 13

The search for some THING outside ourselves is over, we can now short circuit the ego's own instant voice of lack, or of telling us we need more. It is our very truth that we exist to be the love we already are, to be indescribably at peace and to live in the Now. When we become aware of this beauty, we see that it is always present.

The world is reminding us of quietude and with its quiet contemplative solitude. The space of Being and imagination. This space is who we truly are when all thought falls away momentarily. Once you reawaken to the simplicity and joy of being it feels just perfect. Judgement of others, blame, that incessantly chattering critic who lives in fear, suddenly senses the present awe and wonder. we are simply Being.

This is not somewhere to strive for, nor something to achieve. It is who we are.

When I first heard Syd Banks talk of the experience of no thought or no thing, I tried to understand it with my intellect. Ha! I tried to grasp the unknown through knowing. How funny!

I remember wandering the streets of New York on my 3P training, when BOOM! Everything fell away, just as Syd had described, the busy noise, the deli . The 15 or so friends I was lunching with seemed to have momentarily gone. I especially seemed to disappear .

And yet we were all there.

What had disappeared was my self created expectation ( thought); my perception of the day ( thought) AND my perception of a separate me.

The only thing remaining was love.

We are love.

Simply Being

Let me ask "Who are you?"

What are you longing for? Fame? Recognition? Love? Money?

Truth? Something else? Something that you think you lack? Something external top you?

A question I ask myself is - how conscious can I BE? The answer always surprises me and I want to share it through the metaphor of nature. Nature is the purest example of SIMPLY BEING.

Come and walk with me to a place of beauty, and let me reveal to you how we are that beauty. The simple awareness of beauty in the ordinary pieces of everyday life, a smile from a friend, a cup of tea, a beautiful shell, the sound of a giggle.

Let us walk beside a fragile, yellow buttercup reaching to the sun with its tiny raggedy petals, battered by the wind, yet hanging around in the meadow just being. Do you see it in your imagination?

Walk with me under the vale of a midnight starry sky and breathe in that truly expansive beauty of the cosmos. The Divine.

Come, walk a little more and feel the coolness of the night time's breeze touching our skin and imagine that we are all we search for.

Smell the earthiness of the pine forest and feel the salty touch of the ocean around your bare feet. To Simply BE is liberating and I wonder why we think that we drift away from this space because we are all we search for it is ever present. We are HOME.

When things do not go the way we plan them to, or even the way we might have wished for - perhaps we expected things to be different? Perhaps we are attached to a particular outcome? Then . . . we create our own resistant tension. We might search for something or someone to blame for this sense of lack. We feel this heavy hearted place deeply, like a bind. And yet this too is a gift, our bodies tell us when we are lost and forgetting to BE.

The amazing truth of this Awareness of Being, is that you begin to notice the shift, the movement of the Awareness in your day to day life. You are aware of all the experiences.

This space of Awareness is BEING.

It is BEING life itself.

Being the beauty, it is not something we strive for or yearn to become, it is who we already are, the Truth, the beauty. Just as the raggedy buttercup, the salty ocean and the stars above show up, so do we.

As this Awareness shows up to experience earthly flaws , we intuitively know that we are beauty, we are love, we are all we search for.

I Am Love. I am love showing up as it experiences itself through simply being through the expression of a body, of Anni. The Being is oneness

Being in the joy under the stars AND Being the stars, we are made from all this beauty and are the same energy as the cosmos.

We are Being in the laughter of friendship or the rawness of hurt and judgement, yet emanating that beauty no matter the circumstance, because we are aware of the sacred Truth of every moment. Truth has no value, no duality of this, not that.

As Syd says, "Truth just is."

Being just is.

Awareness of BEING sees the ISness or ALLness of life.

Simply Being is simply Awareness of this. It is the infinite love energy captured in the eyes of a child, or the deep sensation of unwavering love for a partner or beautiful family pet. It is also the awareness of life's frustrations while knowing the Truth of your Being.

It is the awe and wonder of the night sky, a gorgeous flower, or a tiny budding tree. Being is when we are quick to anger and yet we have the awareness. It is in the joy and equally in the bustle of people all around, or the gentle drip of water from the thaw of a shimmering icicle. It is ordinary and it is all. Being is our truly natural way of sensing awareness, that true understanding.

Of suddenly experiencing personal thought fall away revealing the simple ordinary magic of life that was always there.

I once ask myself why I was not always in this sacred, yet ordinary place. And my answer was always to laugh, there is no place to journey to, no ‘way’ of being or staying. This very experience of existence transcends any notion of me, or of you. It is All. Awareness is All.

Awareness of BEING sees the ISness or ALLness, however it shows up to me.

And we get to experience this day by day. Now.

And this simply being takes my breath away

And I Am breath, buttercup, starlight, birdsong, water, rock, and trees. I Am the life force of the sun, the moon, and the planets. I Am the ocean and the rain. ‘We’ are the ONE expression of Being. Enjoy your unfolding human awareness of this.

I have the joy of intuitively sharing this understanding in education for over 4 decades; and since 2013 with the dawning understanding of the work of Syd Banks and The Three Principles. Find my Website

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