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Ready For Change? Wellbeing Conference Leeds UK

When life begins to fray at the edges or even fall apart a little, it is a welcome signpost that something is out of alignment somewhere. Hold on! We have the perfect solution.

Fresh Hope & Peace For Humanity and Psychology

I think we are all READY for some of this in our lives. Do not miss two of the finest professionals on this planet . World Renowned International Speakers, Dr Bill Pettit and Dr Linda Pettit.

Bill will share with us his vast knowledge of how as a physician and a psychiatrist, an understanding of the Universal Principles of life brings inner peace. Bill , teaches how a connection between our psychological, spiritual and physical nature allows deep healing and wellness to be experienced.

Linda is the healer's muse and works intuitively to inspire helpers to follow the Intuitive Way of Love, a perfect guide that unfolds a wild, wonder-full, free life.

She has both master and a doctoral degrees in counselling psychology. Discover more on their website.

Anni Poole and Sue Anderson are hosting this two day conference please see further details and booking here Events |


Leeds City Centre Ready for Change? Fresh Hope for Humanity and Psychiatry Wellbeing Conference

Saturday June 11th and Sunday June 12th . 10am - 5pm, doors open at 9:30am

Hinsley Hall Headingley Lane LEEDS LS6 2BX

£240 or Early Bird £215 code EARLY22 until March 31st. Events |

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