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Perfection or intuition?

Perfection or intuition? Who wins the day?

Art work by Lucy Campbell

Perfection or intuition which do you choose?

Perfection, always out of reach beyond the chocolate stash

Or the fully laden snack cupboard.

Intuition, whispering softly, ever present like the air we breathe


Life giving

Who decreed the value of perfection?

The auctioneer?

One dollar . . . two dollars . . . three dollars more.


To the ugly black shadow, the one with the Prada handbag.

It reaches and grabs the shiny perfect, sliding it inside

Swallowing the whole perfect thing into its red handbag mouth

Whole, not bothering to taste its clearly perfect acrid taste

Perfection How do you smell?

Of lilies? Or an old shoe cupboard?

And how do you look?

Perfect of course, tight and controlled.



You are my daughter, my son, my lover, my sister and b rother, my friend

Each perfectly IMPERFECT

Exquisitely, imperfectly, not perfect at all

Though present and intuitive, trusting in love.

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