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Oversubscribed? Overwhelmed?

“Given the facts of this situation, what would I like to create?”

(Hardison S and Chandler S)

The sound of a text pinging causes me to sigh, I have tried to avoid the lure of texts emails and social media so far today. I am sitting at my fold away desk, wearing my blue wolfskin puffer jacket to keep warm until the heating kicks in. It makes an annoying swishy sound each time I move.

The text is from my daughter to remind me of our train journey tomorrow.

“Whaaaat! tomorrow? Yikes!” I shout across the laundry pile. |As if it can save me.

I really am oversubscribed.

I see it everywhere inside the little daily squares marked February.

Days and evenings full to the brim which means everything else is squeezed in around the tiny gaps.

I know this squeezed in full on calendar space oh so personally.

So do most of my female friends, their partners, and their kids. We all seem to have lives filled to the boiling over level.

Exactly when did we create the habit of oversubscribing ourselves? It seems to have become the norm.

And here I am sitting at my desk looking down at my handwritten schedule, a full inky black calendar for the week, again! Actually dreading my daughter's invite, can you believe that? I can't and I wonder why I do this overwhelm thing to myself.

Behind me is a pile of sewing, some laundry ( some is a collective noun for the equivalent of 5 people worth of laundry!) I have a half-read course book with a deadline of today for submitting a précis and my website has just gone down.

Nothing individually makes a crisis, yet collectively they must all be squeezed in around this oversubscribed page of appointments. My glorious calendar. The ruler of my life.

Steve Chandler, a global life coach asks the following:

“Given the facts of this situation, what would I like to create?”

Creator. Chandler . S

I can feel that question pouring into my very cells shaking them up. It’s that word create.

So much more fun than trying to unravel the mess I made.

Hmm I wonder how creative my calendar can be.

What would I like to create? What would YOU like to create in your day?

As a coach and shaman, I use sacred space to bring focus and stillness into my coaching space. It’s a truly beautiful heart space like those fresh pyjamas on bath day when you were a child. Skin tingling newness wrapping you in love. it makes my toes curl in delight. That is the feeling I want to have every day. Slowing down to savour the calendar in the same way as fresh skin tingling linen.

I light my candle.

I print out a new February calendar again and I put in two special ( sacred) spaces for me every day.

Breath work and chair yoga (no laughing) every morning and a walk in the garden or further late afternoon.

Simple, short, creative actions and do you know something? The other appointments seem to be fun.

If you have something on your mind, ask yourself this.

“Given the facts of this situation, what would I like to create?”

With love

Anni @annipoole on Facebook.

@AnniSilverdale on Instagram

Author of Simply Being You. Anni Silverdale

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