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Grant yourself three wishes.

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Can you just imagine the sound of the rainy beach pebbles crunching and rustling beneath your feet, or can you smell the sea drenched sand as it squishes between summer toes? Beaches bring holiday memories of picnics and freedom spaces - having the whole day to tinker in rock pools and munch gritty sand blown sandwiches without a care.

Where is your truly magical place ? Is it somewhere you might sit down and rest? What if from that magical scene, you could choose one pebble or flinty rock piece and whisper into it your three most inner desires?

Like the pebbles on the beach or the rain-washed riverbed stones, we are all different in the way we see life, we all desire different things. . . or are we? In my years of coaching I can see that some of the greatest desires begin with a longing – often for more time, or greater ease in life. Peace and happiness and often better relationships are on many wish lists.

What if you could redesign your life RIGHT NOW? Where would you begin?

Want to play?

The only rule is that your wishes MUST be about you.

Close your eyes and imagine you could grant your innermost desires.

Would they be utilitarian desires, such as more money, a new car, a bigger house, a fabulous holiday?

Or are you looking for intrinsic gains and values in your life?

Perhaps some romance; a different perspective; a way to solve a problem; time for you; less caring about something; a desire to 'fix' yourself in some way; perhaps you want to be happier; have a better social life?

Here is what to do to play.

Write down your first wish and then close your eyes. Was does this feel like? Smell like? Look like? Taste of- eg the best smoky cheese under the clearest blue Mediterranean sky, with the sound of waves gently reaching the shore and tickling your toes. Then there is a waft of breeze cooling your skin and announcing the glorious smell of coconut.

Repeat twice more (or leave it at one for now).

Write them down in any order




Let's take your first wish . . .

How would you begin to make this happen, do you have a design in mind for this wish your life?

Firstly, begin to tell me what your favourite food is (let's say pizza!) Can you describe it to me? What happens is that you vibrate fun and joy and come to what you wish for from that place and not from lack.

  1. Maybe you don't believe you can influence your experiences and it is in the hands of fate or worse still in the hands of another -your partner/boss?

  2. When I share the understanding that your emotional experiences are impacted by you, I use metaphor and your story to illustrate the fact.

  3. Why? Our intellect and ego are designed to interfere! To fix something, even when it is not broken. Using metaphor bypasses this instinct and allows you to fully sense your own wisdom.

Please discover more ease grace and magic through my Facebook page Simply Being You and find me on twitter here @AnniPoole

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