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A race for peace before the sun sets on a problematic day.

What does peace really mean to you?

If you watch the sun setting with joy in your heart and your fears carefully buried, then you are lucky and you may feel somewhat at peace in that moment?

If you see the sun going down with fear in your heart, you are not alone. Fear, worry, and stress is a part of human life. The occurrence of problems is part of everyday life. Accepting this fact helps to overcome a misconception that problems should not exist, they do and the way we manage those problems seem to determine how life unfolds.

Many of us become fearful when the rubber hits the road and problems build up because we feel stuck, lost, and have little or no hope. Yet, what if solving problems is the way we grow?

Problems are not a symptom of some great defect on your part, nor on any human being’s part

In my search to find peace in my heart I have studied many modalities to bring ease into my life. I know I am not alone in this search. What I have since discovered, is that the solution is not ‘out there’ it’s not external. Let’s investigate this further:

Two business partners, newly established, set to build their business together, with great enthusiasm. As the first self- established marketing deadline arises, one of the partners is unavailable and says he will work harder next time. This means one partner completes the work.

A second deadline occurs where they are beginning to record and blog about their venture. The same partner is genuinely unavailable. One partner completes the work and begins to wonder when the first partner will commit.

Each focusing on the problem. Each through their own thinking and perception.

When it happens a third time, the working partner calls a meeting and focuses on a solution, discovering fears behind the non -working partner which are duly transformed. This is not the end of the partnership problems though it is the beginning of a focus on letting go of the grip of fear and doubt to find solutions.

When we constantly focus on the problem we bring more of the same, we are harnessing strong emotions that upset us; when we find a space to let go of the problem and its fears, even momentarily, we see a unique way of being and it isn’t fear full!

Anni Silverdale Poole is a highly experienced Leadership Coach, currently working in education, she collaborates with all staff, children, and families alike. Anni also teaches the Three Principles for Life, spriritual psychology in the global and local community.

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Anni is also an author of a mental health and wellbeing book here:

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