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How are you living each day of your one true life AND where are you heading to in this world?

Would you believe that working with  four unique archetypes can help to explore your answers, and heal your worries in life. 

This Ebook allows you to read about the beautiful ancient traditions of the Celtic and Peruvian Shaman and how they are woven into our very existence. They teach us how to find harmony and joy in the every day, rediscovering the way of clear thinking. We will always have problems, it's the stuff of life, it is how we manage these . . . eliminating fears and getting on with finding solutions.

Don't we all get caught up in the busy places in life, racing from one appointment to another? Are you crying out for a more peaceful way to be. It is so human to be caught up in life’s drama the secret is in  how we manage these experiences that allows us to move beyond it all, discovering an easier way to be.


Come and explore the beauty of the shamans way of being,  living more in harmony (ayni) sweeter and far less burdensome than the worry way.

An Introduction to the Beauty of the Modern Shaman

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